Transportation infrastructure achieves many benefits through the use of Willard Smart Devices. The systems target Life Safety Equipment and the ability to achieve regulatory compliance providing the user with the maximum level of security and safety. Transportation venues offer the opportunity to maximize the benefits of smart devices. Typically operations are around the clock or very long hours and interruptions in walking patterns are disruptive to the orderly movement of people and present a serious potential for third party injury.

Transportation venues are also likely to have the greatest number of regulators performing inspections and audits. Devices like the Willard Smart Exit that direct tests remotely and capture that information in a permanent digitized record safe substantial time and provide greater assurances that the regulators will provide a positive report on their findings.

Airports, train stations and terminals normally have a confusing environment of doors and passageways that must not only be clearly marked but where those signs must always be constantly working correctly. There are few risks greater than an emergency in a public space with a high volume of people. Directions to exits must be clear and working 100%.