Increased Worker Safety & Compliance Solution All in One

WillardSmartExit™ provides real-time exit sign status & automated compliance, reducing related maintenance costs by up to 90%.

Willard Smart Exit™ meets NFPA regulations, as well as regulations established and overseen by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. Our Smart Exit Sign is powered by the IBM Cloud. Additional value is provided by utilizing device omnipresence and known location.

IoT enablement of the physical environment significantly increases the integrity of the compliance process, while drastically reducing data collection and reporting costs.

  • Increased testing efficiency
  • Automated compliance and reporting
  • 24/7/365 consolidated dashboard
  • Remotely conduct testing
  • Lower testing cost of exit signs by 90%
  • Highest quality LED lights
  • IBM Watson reliability
  • Minimal manual labor
  • View any time period
  • schedule & track repairs

Smart Optimization

Worry free automatic reporting

WillardSmartExit™ keeps you compliant, providing real-time status of all your exit signs, producing documented evidence of compliance.

Risk Reduction

Eliminate penalties for failed inspections

NFPA requires public buildings to maintain, inspect and report on life safety equipment – including exit signs – in accordance with Local fire laws and regulations, Manufacturer’s specifications & NFPA regulations. The industry faces increased scrutiny with less tolerance of infraction & massive fines, even shutdown in extreme cases.

Executive Visibility

User friendly dashboard

Willard Smart Exit TM promptly notifying you of any failures along with details of the exact signs in question and their locations, all in a conveniant user-friendly dashboard.

Long Life LEDS:

Designed to last more than 13.5 years. You get a longer lifespan from the diodes. The diodes also stay cooler for longer periods due to thermal control via Smart Control Board.

Rated Life of Battery:

Battery life rated to over 13-15 years. Nickle Metal Hydride battery meets North American and European standards for environmental standards for green disposal

Occupancy sensors

With 2 Sensors for each Exit Sign, Passive Infra-Red technology, allows a facility to confirm the presence of occupant traffic.

Emergency Battery Life

4 hr Battery Back-up meets NFPA 101 & OSHA Standards. Patented lighting optics direct the light to the floor where it is needed most for Emergency Egress lighting.