Dean M. Willard, Co-Founder of Willard IoT, has a long history in technology beginning with over 40 years in Aerospace. He focused on non-metallic materials well before the commercial aerospace market developed its interest in these materials. He led, for example, a team that developed the stealth costings for the B2 Bomber in the early to mid 80’s.


Dean and Emily Willard founded DSC Renewables in the early 2000s. DSC brought German technology to the North American market and designed over 300 Megawatts of utility scaled power plants in North America.


They currently own and operate Willard Healthcare Solutions which develops and installs telecommunication systems in hospitals and other healthcare facilities.
Healthcare providers working with Willard IoT can develop improved scheduling and maximize patient service as well as track valuable assets and make improved decisions on purchasing, staffing and compliance related issues.


Willard and its staff have a very long history in security systems for the US Government and Military. This ranges from classified work the White House Military Office, Pentagon and Navy to securing the US Air Force healthcare systems. Our teams have installed Aegis systems around the world to provide protection from missile attack and security perimeters for Attack Submarines.
We have also supported the US Department of State.


The hospitality industry is highly focused on improvement of the customer experience. Our clients are interested in achieving a personalized experience for their guests. To properly achieve this goal, the hotelier needs a great deal of information at his fingertips. Taking full advantage of the unlimited capacity of passive optical networks, we provide the hotelier with real time information on the desires of their clients and in a form that allows for customization of the customer experience.


Willard IoT is helping the industry adapt to a dramatically changed environment and customer relationship. In order to compete successfully, the retailer today needs to analyze and react to a massive amount of data. Through big data analysis and visualization, retailers can customize appeals to their customers and broaden their customer base to extend beyond their local community. Willard IoT helps to maximize the use of a retail location while at the same time broadening the sales reach to the international web.