Smart Stairwell LED Lighting. Smart Safety.

Willard Smart Stairwell MVI-W Series

Willard Smart Stairwell lighting provides a centralize real-time status of all your Stairwell lighting. It is secure, fast, flexible, and facilitates a scalable, reliable administration.

IoT enabled, self-monitoring, self reporting, self-auditing

• Secure IBM to Cloud device management

• Direct connectivity to the IBM Cloud using the IBM Watson IoT Platform

•Industry Standard MQTT event driven protocol (MOM) message-orientated middleware

• 4 hr Emergency Battery Backup . Meets OSHA Standards

• Patented LED lighting optics delivers maximum visibility illumination (MVI) in the stairwell critical areas increasing Life Safety in the critical evacuation paths for stairwells.

• Encrypted TLS communications • Customer owned data

Willard Smart Stairwell MVI-W series is cost efficient with a return on your investment the first month

Eliminates fines for non-compliance and reduces the potential for third party injury claims & workers compensation claims within a critical non-compliant environment

Immediate building operating cost savings eliminates physical labor to test each stairwell fixture every 30 days & once annually by producing an automated report printout for the network of Emergency stairwell lighting.

Reduces the cost of testing monthly and annually as required by NFPA 101 standards

Willard Smart Stairwell MVI-W series meets the following safety and lighting standards UL 924/ ETL Listed IESNA FCC Part 15 NEC NFPA 101 DLC OSHA ASHRE